I haven’t fully vetted this list yet, but here are the Archetypes by Class, listing their sources. If you want to check something out, let me know.

Alchemist: Beastmorph (Ultimate Combat)
Alchemist: Chirurgeon (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Clone Master (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Internal Alchemist (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Mindchemist (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Preservationist (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Psychonaut (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Ragechemist (Ultimate Combat)
Alchemist: Reanimator (Ultimate Magic)
Alchemist: Vivisectionist (Ultimate Magic)
Barbarian: Armored Hulk (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Breaker (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Brutal Pugilist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Drunken Brute (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Elemental Kin (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Hurler (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Invulnerable Rager (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Mounted Fury (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Savage Barbarian (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Scarred Rager (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Sea Reaver (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Superstitious (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: Titan Mauler (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Totem Warrior (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Barbarian: True Primitive (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Urban Barbarian (Ultimate Combat)
Barbarian: Wild Rager (Ultimate Combat)
Bard: Animal Speaker (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Arcane Duelist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Archaeologist (Ultimate Combat)
Bard: Archivist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Celebrity (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Court Bard (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Daredevil (Ultimate Combat)
Bard: Demagogue (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Dervish Dancer (Ultimate Combat)
Bard: Detective (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Dirge Bard (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Geisha (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Magician (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Sandman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Savage Skald (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Sea Singer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Bard: Songhealer (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Sound Striker (Ultimate Magic)
Bard: Street Performer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Cavalier: Beast Rider (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Emissary (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Gendarme (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Honor Guard (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Luring Cavalier (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Musketeer (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Standard Bearer (Ultimate Combat)
Cavalier: Strategist (Ultimate Combat)
Cleric: Cloistered Cleric (Ultimate Magic)
Cleric: Crusader (Ultimate Combat)
Cleric: Divine Strategist (Ultimate Combat)
Cleric: Evangelist (Ultimate Combat)
Cleric: Merciful Healer (Ultimate Combat)
Cleric: Separatist (Ultimate Magic)
Cleric: Theologian (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Ape Shaman (Ultimate Combat)
Druid: Aquatic Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Arctic Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Bat Shaman (Ultimate Combat)
Druid: Bear Shaman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Blight Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Boar Shaman (Ultimate Combat)
Druid: Cave Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Desert Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Dragon Shaman (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Eagle Shaman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Jungle Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Lion Shaman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Menhir Savant (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Mooncaller (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Mountain Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Pack Lord (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Plains Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Reincarnated Druid (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Saurian Shaman (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Serpent Shaman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Shark Shaman (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Storm Druid (Ultimate Magic)
Druid: Swamp Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Urban Druid (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: Wolf Shaman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Druid: World Walker (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Archer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Armor Master (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Brawler (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Cad (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Crossbowman (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Dragoon (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Free Hand Fighter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Gladiator (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Mobile Fighter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Phalanx Soldier (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Polearm Master (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Roughrider (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Savage Warrior (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Shielded Fighter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Tactician (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Thunderstriker (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Tower Shield Specialist (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Two-Handed Fighter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Two-Weapon Warrior (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Fighter: Unarmed Fighter (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Unbreakable (Ultimate Combat)
Fighter: Weapon Master (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Gunslinger: Gun Tank (Ultimate Combat)
Gunslinger: Musket Master (Ultimate Combat)
Gunslinger: Mysterious Stranger (Ultimate Combat)
Gunslinger: Pistolero (Ultimate Combat)
Inquisitor: Exorcist (Ultimate Magic)
Inquisitor: Heretic (Ultimate Magic)
Inquisitor: Iconoclast (Ultimate Combat)
Inquisitor: Infiltrator (Ultimate Magic)
Inquisitor: Preacher (Ultimate Magic)
Inquisitor: Sin Eater (Ultimate Magic)
Inquisitor: Spellbreaker (Ultimate Combat)
Inquisitor: Witch Hunter (Ultimate Combat)
Magus: Bladebound (Ultimate Magic)
Magus: Hexcrafter (Ultimate Magic)
Magus: Kensai (Ultimate Combat)
Magus: Myrmidarch (Ultimate Combat)
Magus: Skirnir (Ultimate Combat)
Magus: Soul Forger (Ultimate Combat)
Magus: Spellblade (Ultimate Magic)
Magus: Staff Magus (Ultimate Magic)
Monk: Drunken Master (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Flowing Monk (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Hungry Ghost Monk (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Ki Mystic (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Maneuver Master (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Martial Artist (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Master Of Many Styles (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Monk Of The Empty Hand (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Monk Of The Four Winds (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Monk Of The Healing Hand (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Monk Of The Lotus (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Monk Of The Sacred Mountain (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Qinggong Monk (Ultimate Magic)
Monk: Sensei (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Sohei (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Tetori (Ultimate Combat)
Monk: Weapon Adept (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Monk: Zen Archer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Oracle: Dual-Cursed Oracle (Ultimate Magic)
Oracle: Enlightened Philosopher (Ultimate Magic)
Oracle: Planar Oracle (Ultimate Magic)
Oracle: Possessed Oracle (Ultimate Magic)
Oracle: Seer (Ultimate Magic)
Oracle: Stargazer (Ultimate Magic)
Paladin: Divine Defender (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Paladin: Divine Hunter (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Empyreal Knight (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Holy Gun (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Holy Tactician (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Hospitaler (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Paladin: Knight Of The Sepulcher (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Oathbound (Ultimate Magic)
Paladin: Sacred Servant (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Paladin: Sacred Shield (Ultimate Combat)
Paladin: Shining Knight (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Paladin: Warrior Of The Holy Light (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Battle Scout (Ultimate Combat)
Ranger: Beast Master (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Deep Walker (Ultimate Combat)
Ranger: Falconer (Ultimate Combat)
Ranger: Guide (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Horse Lord (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Infiltrator (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Shapeshifter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Skirmisher (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Spirit Ranger (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Trapper (Ultimate Magic)
Ranger: Trophy Hunter (Ultimate Combat)
Ranger: Urban Ranger (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Ranger: Warden (Ultimate Combat)
Ranger: Wild Stalker (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Acrobat (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Bandit (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Burglar (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Chameleon (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Charlatan (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Cutpurse (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Driver (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Investigator (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Knife Master (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Pirate (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Poisoner (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Rake (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Roof Runner (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Sanctified Rogue (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Scout (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Sniper (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Spy (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Survivalist (Ultimate Combat)
Rogue: Swashbuckler (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Thug (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Rogue: Trapsmith (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Sorcerer: Arcane Bloodline (Core Rules)
Sorcerer: Boreal Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Sorcerer: Crossblooded (Ultimate Magic)
Sorcerer: Destined Bloodline (Core Rules)
Sorcerer: Draconic Bloodline (Core Rules)
Sorcerer: Dreamspun Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Sorcerer: Fey Bloodline (Core Rules)
Sorcerer: Maestro Bloodline (Ultimate Magic)
Sorcerer: Verdant Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Sorcerer: Wildblooded (Ultimate Magic)
Summoner: Broodmaster (Ultimate Magic)
Summoner: Evolutionist (Ultimate Magic)
Summoner: Master Summoner (Ultimate Magic)
Summoner: Synthesist (Ultimate Magic)
Witch: Beast-Bonded (Ultimate Magic)
Witch: Hedge Witch (Ultimate Magic)
Witch: Sea Witch (Ultimate Magic)
Wizard: Admixture Evoker (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Air Elementalist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Arcane Bomber (Ultimate Combat)
Wizard: Banishment Abjuror (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Controller Enchanter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Counterspell Abjuror (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Creation Conjurer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Earth Elementalist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Enhancement Transmuter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Fire Elementalist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Foresight Diviner (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Generation Evoker (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Life Necromancer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Manipulator Enchanter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Metal Elementalist (Ultimate Magic)
Wizard: Phantasm Illusionist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Scrollmaster (Ultimate Magic)
Wizard: Scryer Diviner (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Shadow Illusionist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Shapechange Transmuter (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Siege Mage (Ultimate Combat)
Wizard: Spellslinger (Ultimate Combat)
Wizard: Teleportation Conjurer (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Water Elementalist (Advanced Player’s Guide)
Wizard: Wood Elementalist (Ultimate Magic)

The following Archetypes are Race-specific.

Alchemist: Bogborn Alchemist (Advanced Race Guide [grippli]) Grippli
Alchemist: Bramble Brewer (Advanced Race Guide [half-elf]) Grippli
Alchemist: Saboteur (Advanced Race Guide [gnome]) Tengu
Bard: Shadow Puppeteer (Advanced Race Guide [wayang]) Fetchling
Bard: Watersinger (Advanced Race Guide [undine]) Undine
Druid: Feral Child (Advanced Race Guide [human]) Human, Demi-Human, Plane-Touched
Druid: Sky Druid (Advanced Race Guide [sylph]) Sylph
Druid: Undine Adept (Advanced Race Guide [undine]) Undine
Gunslinger: Buccaneer (Advanced Race Guide [human]) Human, Demi-Human, Plane-Touched
Gunslinger: Gulch Gunner (Advanced Race Guide [ratfolk]) Ratfolk
Inquisitor: Exarch (Advanced Race Guide [dwarf]) Vecedor
Inquisitor: Immolator (Advanced Race Guide [ifrit]) Ifrit
Magus: Elemental Knight (Advanced Race Guide [suli]) Suli
Monk: Gray Disciple (Advanced Race Guide [duergar]) Fetchling
Monk: Ironskin Monk (Advanced Race Guide [hobgoblin]) Oread
Monk: Nimble Guardian (Advanced Race Guide [catfolk]) Catfolk
Monk: Student Of Stone (Advanced Race Guide [oread]) Oread
Monk: Treetop Monk (Advanced Race Guide [vanara]) Vanara
Monk: Wanderer (Advanced Race Guide [human]) Human, Demi-Human, Plane-Touched
Oracle: Community Guardian (Advanced Race Guide [halfling]) Grippli
Oracle: Purifier (Advanced Race Guide [aasimar]) Laetrax
Oracle: Shigenjo (Advanced Race Guide [tengu]) Tengu
Paladin: Redeemer (Advanced Race Guide [half-orc]) Codaot
Paladin: Stonelord (Advanced Race Guide [dwarf]) Oread
Paladin: Tranquil Guardian (Advanced Race Guide [aasimar]) Laetrax
Ranger: Dusk Stalker (Advanced Race Guide [fetching]) Fetchling
Rogue: Cat Burglar (Advanced Race Guide [catfolk]) Catfolk
Rogue: Deadly Courtesan (Advanced Race Guide [vishkanya]) Vishkanya
Rogue: Filcher (Advanced Race Guide [halfling]) Vishkanya
Rogue: Skulking Slayer (Advanced Race Guide [half-orc]) Thole
Rogue: Swordmaster (Advanced Race Guide [tengu]) Tengu
Sorcerer: Aberrant Bloodline (Core Rules) Codaot
Sorcerer: Accursed Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Thole
Sorcerer: Aquatic Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Undine
Sorcerer: Deepearth Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Oread
Sorcerer: Djinni Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Sylph
Sorcerer: Efreeti Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Ifrit
Sorcerer: Elemental Bloodline (Core Rules) (appropriate Demihuman)
Sorcerer: Imperious Bloodline (Advanced Race Guide [human]) Human, Demi-Human, Plane-Touched
Sorcerer: Marid Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Undine
Sorcerer: Protean Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Codaot
Sorcerer: Rakshasa Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Catfolk, Ratfolk
Sorcerer: Serpentine Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Vishkanya
Sorcerer: Shadow Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Fetchling
Sorcerer: Shaitan Bloodline (Ultimate Magic) Oread
Sorcerer: Starsoul Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Vecedor
Sorcerer: Stormborn Bloodline (Advanced Player’s Guide) Sylph
Sorcerer: Wishcrafter (Advanced Race Guide [ifrit]) Ifrit
Summoner: Shadow Caller (Advanced Race Guide [fetchling]) Fetchling
Summoner: Shaitan Binder (Advanced Race Guide [oread]) Oread
Summoner: Wild Caller (Advanced Race Guide [half-elf]) Vanara
Witch: Bonded Witch (Advanced Race Guide [half-elf]) Human, Demi-Human, Plane-Touched
Witch: Dreamweaver (Advanced Race Guide [changeling]) Thole
Wizard: Wind Listener (Advanced Race Guide [sylph]) Sylph


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