Character Creation Checklist

Step 1— Determine Ability Scores: Start by generating your character’s ability scores. Your ability scores each start at 10, and you get 20 points to spend on all of them to improve them, using the following table:

Ability Score Costs Table
Score Points
7 costs –4
8 costs –2
9 costs –1
10 costs 0
11 costs 1
12 costs 2
13 costs 3
14 costs 5
15 costs 7
16 costs 10
17 costs 13
18 costs 17

Step 2—Pick Your Race: Though the campaign uses the Pathfinder Rules set, this is not a typical setting. Indeed, the only race from the core rulebook you’ll find in the Unbound Sky are Humans. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other races you can play here, just that elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and orcs are unknown- this isn’t Middle Earth, or even Terrestrial Fantasy Europe. Instead, the races you’ll find are Demihumans, descended from humans and Elementals of Air, Earth, Fire and Water; the Plane-touched human descendants of Law and Chaos; and the Uplifted races of cats, frogs, ravens, snakes, rats and monkey beings. Humans come from several different cultures in the campaign; if you choose to play a human, demihuman or plane-touched, you should also choose a culture that you were raised in.

Humans, demihumans, and the plane-touched can all interbreed with each other, at least in theory- they all started out as humans in the mists of antiquity. The uplifted races, on the other hand, can only successfully breed with their own species.

Step 3—Pick Your Class, Favored Class and an Archetype. Not all the Archetypes in the various Pathfinder books are available in the Campaign- the setting is diverse, but there are fundamental differences in the world from a standard Pathfinder game that not all of them are appropriate. Similarly, not all races and cultures have access to every Archetype- their lifestyles and traditions may not encourage the development of certain skill sets.

Step 4—Pick Skills and Select Feats: There are a lot of published feats in the Pathfinder books, and as with Classes, not all of them are appropriate to the campaign setting. Eventually I’ll have a list available- for now, check your feat selections with me.

Step 5—Buy Equipment: Gold, silver, copper, iron, and indeed most metals are simply not found in anything approaching the abundance we take for granted on Earth. While iron is used for some weapons, these are extraordinarily expensive (i.e. masterwork); most weapons are made of bronze when they are made of metal at all, and metal armor is absolutely unheard of. Firearms, however, are a more common choice for weapons than they are in most fantasy games- though rare, at some point in history, a lot of these were made and the designs are still being taught to worthy pupils.

Step 6—Finishing Details: Who are your character’s Parents/Family (even orphans have cousins, et al.), Love Interest or former Love Interest? Figure these things out. You never know what might be important later on.

Character Creation Checklist

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