There are thirteen Humans cultures in the Unbound Sky in the vicinity of where the game begins. Human, Demihuman and Plane-touched characters should choose one of these cultures to belong to. Cultural choices will inform not only your view of the world, but also what character classes and/or archetypes are available to you during character creation. Each of the Uplifted races also have distinct cultures, and even the Fetchlings keep themselves apart enough to be on the edge of the main human cultures.

One thing to bear in mind is that while some of these cultures reference similarities with Earth cultures, this is mainly on an intellectual, expressive and artistic level- the material culture of all of these places is generally poorer overall, due to the lack of resources (most especially arable land). While the peasants and laborers have nearly equivalent lifestyles, the rich and powerful have fewer trappings of their riches and power.

The Human cultures are:

  • Erlitu – a largish but sparsely settled area of Islands that somehow mostly stays out of the shadows of higher Islands, these cold, arid isles are home to people who are scrabbling to survive and remain independent of their more numerous neighbors. Their mindset is much like the modern Uyghurs of western China.
  • Euskara (Spanish)
  • Geylindt (Dutch)
  • Haartoi (Greek)
  • Hoyra (Scandinavian)
  • Neddersaksis (German)
  • Orcia – a loose confederation of Islands as rivals and trading partners. They could be compared to the early renaissance Italians in intellectual culture and motive.
  • Osman – one of two large Empires in the region, higher, hotter, and more arid than most of the region. While they have a history of conquest, their internal strife has kept them from further expansion for a century or so.
  • Rhomaios – one of two large Empires in the region, this one is beset by labyrinthine politics and vies for regional control of the Church with Osman. A little like Byzantium at it’s height.
  • Synnefour – reminiscent of Early Tudor England; they are a middling-sized area of islands trying to keep control of recently annexed client states.
  • Uhavia (Middle Eastern)
  • Vabariik (Polish)
  • Veps (Finnish)


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