Demihumans are descended from ancient matings of Elemental creatures with Humans. While Demihumans have features that set them apart from humanity, they are generally raised alongside Humans in the same cultures. Demihumans can, and have, interbred with both Humans and the Plane-touched, and while in many families the Demihuman traits run strongly, in others they are a latent trait that might crop up in a Human family which has long forgotten any relations with Demihumans.

By far the most common Demihuman type are the Sylphs- 85% of all Demihumans that might be encountered in the Unbound Sky are air-aspected Demihumans. The Undine are fairly rare- unless you venture to the uttermost center of the Unbound Sky, you’re very unlikely to meet one. The Suli are children born from parents of different elemental bloodlines- which happens more among the unwitting and latent descendants who have no idea of their elemental heritage.

All Demihumans have a base speed of 30 feet, are Medium sized creatures, and are considered Native Outsiders (as opposed to humanoids). Stats on each of these can be found in the Advanced Race Guide, though bear in mind that your Demihuman character’s appearance will be much closer to human in form, though not necessarily in coloration, than the illustrations in that book.

The Demihuman races are:
Ifrit, fire-aspected humans.
Oread, earth-aspected humans.
Sylph, air-aspected humans.
Undine, water-aspected humans.
Suli, the expression of latent Demihumanity of one of the four aspects.

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