the Uplifted

Though humanoid in structure, the Uplifted are the various races of beast-men. Ancient history states that they were once mere beasts who were granted intelligence and the use of Human tools by well-meaning travelers from other Planes. Unlike Humans and Demihumans, the Uplifted mostly have their own cultures, though often they live near or on the edges of Human society.

With the exceptions of the Grippli and the Ratfolk, all of the Uplifted are roughly Human-sized (medium creatures). They are classified as humanoids in regards to type. Stats on each of these can be found in the Advanced Race Guide.

The Uplifted are:
Catfolk, feline humanoids
Grippli, hydrid (tree-froglike) humanoids
Ratfolk, humanoids made from rats
Strix, horned owl-like humanoids, with wings
Syrinx, barn-owl humanoids, also with wings (found in the Inner Sea Bestiary)
Tengu, corvid humanoids, without wings
Vanara, resembling nearly human-sized mangabey monkeys, or Drills in the case of Whitecape Vanara
Vishkanya, finely-scaled humanoid reptiles, though it’s unknown whether their parent race were serpents or poisonous lizards

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the Uplifted

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